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Class Format

Class will start with warming up exercises and stretching. During class various techniques will be practiced. Sparring and live drilling play a major role in training

All skill levels are welcome.  Please feel free to discuss any limitations with the instructor.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

NAMA's MMA program utilizes techniques from various combative styles. Boxing and Muay Thai techniques are used for their striking, while Judo and Wrestling are studied for their takedown skills. Submission Wrestling is practiced for its grappling capabilities.

Suggested Gear

     An athletic cup, mouthpiece, and gym/workout clothing will be acceptable for beginning. t-shirt and gym shorts are suggested. Men and women should wear support garments. A mouth guard is also recommended. No jewelry should be worn as they can cause harm during training.


     MMA gloves, 16oz. Boxing gloves, and shin/instep protectors are required for sparring full contact.



Monday       -- 7:30 PM

Wednesday -- 7:30 PM

Saturday      -- 11:30 AM

Classes are officially an hour. Often, additional training time is available.

Jon Edwards
Donnie Hamilton
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